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American Fiberglass Pools

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Legal name(s)
Am. Pools, Ltd (founded in 2001 - current)
The Great American Pool Ltd (founded in 2004 - current)
Composite Pools & Products, L.L.C (founded in 2004 - current)
B-J American Pools of Houston, Inc. (founded in 1978 - no longer active)

(Doing business as)
American Pools
American Fiberglass Pools

Created: 2000-08-04
Registrant Name: Wayne Stringer

Company intro
Company type: Family owned
Founder(s): R. Wayne Stringer, Bob & Ruth Stringer
Business headquarters: Houston, Texas

Factory location
10528 Tanner Road
Houston, Texas 77041

Building size: 8,756 sq. ft.
Property size: 1 acres
Built in 1975
Parcel Number: 0210690030026
County: Harris
Market reach: Texas, USA.


American Fiberglass Pools (also American Pools) refer to the manufacturer of fiberglass composite pools, with its manufacturing facility located in Houston, Texas


Originally the business has been founded in 1978 by Bob & Ruth Stringer, and was operating under the legal name of B-J American Pools of Houston, Inc. Currently the legal name of the company is Am. Pools, Ltd opened in 2001. Both of those companies have been founded and operated by Donald Stringer and R. Wayne Stringer


American Pools follow the well know legacy technology pattern of building their composite pools. As of today no alterations to the process has been detected from the day of initiation

Pool Colors

  • White
  • Light Blue
  • Aqua Blue

Statement from American Pools

Each American Fiberglass Pools is manufactured under rigid quality-controlled conditions. Starting with 40 mils of gel coat, the thickest in the industry, we are the originators of the use of vinyl ester resin on swimming pools in the United States, first doing so in 1977, and the unique 5-ply fiberglass stitch mat process. American Fiberglass Pools does not use fillers or cores in the manufacturing process of its pools that may diminish the strength or structural integrity of a pools shell. The use of only the latest technologies assures our customers of a lifetime of worry-free fiberglass pool ownership

Key Executives

Pool Models

  • The Wichita
  • The Trinity
  • The San Marcos
  • The San Jacinto
  • The San Antonio
  • The Rio Grande
  • The Pecos
  • The Neches
  • The Lazy S
  • The Lazy 8
  • The Lavaca
  • The Liano
  • The Rio Bravo
  • The Nueces
  • The Frio
  • The Colorado
  • The Brazos

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