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In-Ground Pools

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In-ground pool reffers to a Residential or commercial pool to be constructed or installed in ground by means of monolith concrete application, gunite application, prefabricated composite fiberglass unit installation or vinyl liner waterproofing PVC membrane installed over the composite or steel wall construction that creates permanent impervious structure and becomes a part of the real estate property.

In ground pool types

In ground pool industry can offer the variation of four different types of in ground pool construction:

  1. Gunite pools
  2. Concrete pools
  3. Fiberglass pools
  4. Vinyl liner pools

Construction concept

The process of construction for each in ground pool type is different

Gunite pools construction method: Concrete wet mix (or sometimes mortar) conveyed through a hose and pneumatically projected at high velocity onto a surface reinforced by conventional steel rods.

Concrete pools construction method: A monolithic pour of concrete into a cast-in-place (pour in place) forms reinforced by the steel rods. It is a more complicated and more costly method vs gunite (shotcrete) method.

Fiberglass pools construction method: One-piece composite prefabricated pool made at the factory, refers to a composite unit usually made up of 3-4 composite layers (gel coat, vinyl ester, woven roven fiberglass cloth, and polyester resin or sealer coat). Delivered to the site ready to be installed.

Vinyl liner pools construction method: Constructed steel or composite walls with waterproofing PVC membrane, refers only to the interior surface of the pool, as colorized chlorinated PVC thermoplastic vinyl may be used as the waterproofing membrane.

The cost of turnkey construction

Average cost referred to a larger pool size without pool deck. Smaller in ground pool will have a slightly higher average cost.

  • Concrete pools    – averages $80 per sq. ft. of the surface (ex, 16 x 40 pool size = 640 sq. ft. x $80 = $51,200)
  • Gunite pools       – averages $74 per sq. ft. of the surface (ex, 16 x 40 pool size = 640 sq. ft. x $74 = $47,360)
  • Fiberglass pools  - averages $1,000+ per linear foot (ex. 40 ft. long x $1,000 = $40,000)
  • Vinyl liner pools – averages $50 per sq. ft. of the surface (ex, 16 x 40 pool size = 640 sq. ft. x $50 = $32,000)

Pool construction time by pool type

Referred to a complete construction including electrical and pool deck

Pool surface type

Future refurbishment or repairs by pool type and cost

Reals estate tax

Since in ground pool becomes undivided part of the property it is a subject to a tax increase. Every Country, State, County, Region and Town operate under a different tax laws therefore some location will not increase the property tax and some will. Pool tax application must be inquired at the local government office on individual bases.

Quick Facts

  • Inground pools after construction becomes a permanent structure of the real estate property and may be a subject to a tax increase
  • Concrete pools is a most expensive pool construction option
  • Vinyl liner pools are the lees expensive pool construction option

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