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Semi-Inground Pool

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Semi-inground (semi above ground pool) pool refer to above ground/in-ground hybrid that can sit entirely above ground as well as halfway in ground, or can be entirely buried in ground


Semi-inground pool is the pool that is a halfway point between in-ground and above ground pool types.

Semi-inground pool cost more than a traditional above ground pool, but less than conventional in ground pool.

The semi-inground pool designed for a longer life. Some units use 14-gauge galvanized steel, with their usual in-ground panels lengthened from 42 inches to 52 inches (lightweight enough for DIY-minded customers). This type of pool can be built into the slope of a yard, blending it into the scenery in a unique way. Perhaps more than any other type of pool, semi-inground swimming pools require thoughtfulness in layout, placement, and overall design

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