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Robotic Pool Cleaner

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Robotic pool cleaner refer to a swimming pool cleaning device operated by the use of the electrical motor, with a self-contained filtration system, eliminating any additional wear on the primary filtration system


Some Robotic Pool Cleaner models clean the pool walls of the swimming pool by using suction power to crawl vertically. The unit then picks up and deposits debris into a self-contained filter.

Plug and play: No special training required to operate these cleaner. Connect to outlet, submerge the cleaner underwater, press the power button, and let the cleaner do the rest.


  • Better cleaning & filtration
  • Energy efficient
  • Operates quietly
  • Longer warranties
  • Optional remote controls and storages caddies available
  • Eliminates wear on pool equipment and can operate independently


  • Higher prices
  • Having to remove and insert the cleaner from the pool when needed
  • Might be excessive for your size pool

How it works

Robotic Pool Cleaners are low voltage electrical devices powered by an electric motors. They come with transformer and a long cord. Some models equipped with the programmable cleaning patterns to “learn” the pool obstacles for better performance.

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